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Eclipse Ref Sheet by XXanimeseekerXX
Eclipse Ref Sheet


Weight: 90lbs in wolf form, 100 in human form

Height: 30'' at the shoulder in wolf form, 5'6'' in human form


--Eyes: beautiful blue

--Hair: she has long white hair with bangs going across her forehead, sits way past her shoulders and almost never seen up

--Accessory: chain collar that she wears all the time, wolf form or not.

--Scars/Marks: various scars on her wrists leaving her with little fur there in wolf form

--Cothing: as shown above

Wolf Species:Timber Wolf/Doberman Mix

Wolf Appearence: shown above



--Name: Millaray(means golden flower in Mapuche)

--Information: she's a full blooded doberman with cropped ears. she has beautiful blue eyes and a proud stance. she is a champion show dog and very protective. she got pregnant with eclipse and her two siblings after meeting a lone wolf sneaking through town at night.


--Name: Ujarak(means rock in Inuktitut)

--Information: he is pure-blooded timber wolf with greyish eyes. he was always a loner, very strong, and very sneaky. met eclipse's mother trying to sneak through town at night.


--name(s): Milo and Mamasgirl

--Information: they look very much liker their mother, shorter fur and a sweet look but greyish blue eyes. they found homes away from each other and their mom.

Likes: rolling in grass, water, rain, clouds, winter weather, and howling.

Disllikes: heat, summer, crying, pain, and running for extended periods of time.

Crush/Love Interest: Kiba

Friends:the pack(all but Tsume) and especially Asali



- she has an ongoing fued with tsume, she cannot stand his attitude

- she is otherwise quiet, reserved, she doesn't talk very often, loyal, smart, deffensive, attractive, clever, patient, and calm.

- she can be rather unsocial, judgmental, stubborn, and has quiet the temper when upset.

- she lived, like hige, as a human in freeze city after leaving her previous home with her mother.

- her ears were cropped like her siblings, had the chain collar when she was 8 weeks old, and ended up leaving without telling her mother.

- she was often hit on by nasty men, but scared them away easily because of what she was.

- she can't stand being human or dealing with them but she knows what would happen if she didn't act the part.

- she's been shot by the wolf hunting soldiers, but no scars from that incident exist.

- she struggles still with biting her wrists or scratching at them with her finger nails. she usually does this when she's frustrated or angry with herself.

- she is very aware that she is pretty, but she is very modest about it.

- she met the pack when she turned 20 and they all came through the city causing problems for her.

- she was welcomed quickly by hige and asali. the others took to her quickly, except tsume.

- she has been in a few physical fights with tsume, one she won. the others he won, she often sarcastically replies to anything he says.

- normally she is fairly calm and quiet, walking next to kiba most of the time.

- she really loves kiba's personality, determination, and thinks he's rather cute.

- she likes toboe but doesn't care much about blue or hige.

- her closest friend is asali, they talk quite often and share past experiences.

- she doesn't like that asali cares so much for tsume, but respects her decision none the less.

- she adores swimming and being in the grass, though she hasn't seen fresh green grass in a while.

- she loves to howl/bark, but can't do it very often anymore.

- she's fond of cheza and loves her very much.

- cheza refers to her as the one with the golden soul. she doesn't quite understand what it means but accepts it anyways.

- she's been knocked out before while protecting cheza, kiba helped her out.

- her form of paradise is anywhere with kiba, as long as he's there with her she is happy. asali picks on her because of it, but doesn't get much of a response out of her.

- she often puts kiba's safety before hers so when he does something rash she is there to help him out of it, at any cost. even if she is injured in the process.

- she hates quent, he has caused her a great deal of pain. he almost shot her a few different times and was attacked by blue but escaped.

- blue remembers as well as she does which is why there is a strain in their possible friendship.

- she protected kiba from getting shot, causing her to get shot in his place. he yelled at her for it but she said nothing, which led to her fight with tsume because he called her a pansy and pathetic.

- she has a terrifying temper

- she has a lot of patients for a lot of beings but tsume just knows how to get under her skin.

- she's always accepted she probably wouldn't get into paradise anyways because she a half-breed, which tsume also targets and it pisses her off.

- she is extremely happy to be a half-breed, she is very proud of it.

- she looks a great deal different from her siblings, long fur and a angry look. she inherited her mothers eyes and personality but her fathers fur length and strong/large body which caused her to scare possible adopters away.

- she cuddles with asali whenever the pack stops to rest, she doesn't seem to mind it.


No journal entries yet.


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i love wolves, tlk style lions, marine life, Anime and plan on working with animals. i will always draw even if i suck at it. i'm friendly, so you can talk to me if you want

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